Your tutor can help you plan your travel and find accommodation to suit your style and budget, whether in a homestay, farmstay, shared house, hotel, backpacker hostel, and/or WWOOF.   We can also put you in touch with our other students who are looking for someone to travel with.


WWOOF (“World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms”) is a great way to discover a country and its people.  To be a WWOOFer, you do not need any special skills or strength, just a willingness to assist your WWOOF host family for half of your time (between 4 and 6 hours per day) in return for free accommodation and meals.
        By living and working alongside your WWOOF hosts, you get a healthy and safe environment in which to  “swim in English”.  Your hosts know you are learning English and will help you – for it is in their interests as well as yours that you have good communication with them. 
        How long you stay with a host family could be anything from a few days to a few months - it's entirely up to you and them.  Everyone is different, every WWOOFer and every host - some will prefer brief stays, others longer ones.  

        There are thousands of WWOOF host families all over the world. Your tutor will keep in contact with both you and your hosts to ensure your and their experiences are happy and fruitful.   Each country has its own WWOOF organisation (see map below).

        Many of our tutors are also WWOOF hosts.  You can hop from one tutor to another without having to restart a lesson sequence - we fit in with what you want to do.

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