Class Teaching by Teletuition



We provide class teletuition using either or both of two modes of delivery:


Asynchronous tuition by exchanges of voice and video recordings.  First, students watch the downloaded video lesson, either collectively in a class or individually.  Then they do the practice exercises supplied by the tutor.  Students' answers are recorded and uploaded to our media site by a local teacher, from where our international tutor can download them.  The tutor then produces and uploads an audio-video response suitable for the whole class, including follow-up exercises where appropriate. 


Live interactive tele-classes with students in a classroom by Internet Skype videochat.  All the students in the class can engage in dialogue with our tele-teacher just as if they were physically in the same room. This mode requires the school to have a broadband connection so that sound quality is maintained.


Our high-tech ways of teaching adds a little spice to your students' experience - being able to talk with a teacher overseas, whether live or asynchronously, is an exciting addition to their normal routine.

Your infrastructure costs are minimal; the classroom just needs to have several ordinary personal computers.  Four students can comfortably share a computer at the same time. 

We can work with a school's syllabus, or with our own materials.  Because we are a group, there is always someone on hand to substitute in case of need, so that continuity of service is assured.


Please contact us or our agent for contractual arrangements.